Jacqueline’s public speaking career began in October 1990 and grew out of her time teaching Everyday Philosophy at the City Lit. Her work with clients as a holistic personal trainer and later through her company, Crystal Clear Holistic Health Ltd., created a developmental arc that moved her into talks and seminars on the topics of health, wellbeing and spiritual development. It is the breadth of Jacqueline’s client base, coupled with meticulous research that has supported the knowledge she translates into her books.

Clients grew to include larger corporations and institutions including banks, law firms, museums and private members’ clubs.

The mid 1990s saw the start of Jacqueline’s various publications, completing her first book ‘Your Health is Your Wealth’. One of her guiding inspirations came from the English philosopher, A.J. Ayer who completed his first book ‘Language, Truth and Logic’ at a similar age. Later, as a freelance journalist, her writing was published in The Singer where she reviewed opera, jazz and contemporary singers.


Jacqueline’s popularity as a critic then saw her branch into reviews of restaurants and food in music venues. The Telegraph, Health and Fitness and the Daily Express began to publish her articles with the latter commissioning her book ‘Boost Your Energy’. The project was completed in record time and was featured in the national press. Her latest book ‘Body Cycles’ will be published in September 2023. Recognised as an expert in her field, Jacqueline has made regular contributions to BBC radio and television and documentaries.