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What Is a Lifestyle Consultant and How Can They Help You?

In my last blog post, I explored the essence of what it means to be a personal trainer and how to go about choosing the right personal trainer for you. While personal trainers are becoming commonplace and popular in both public and private gyms all across the country, the role of a lifestyle consultant is something that remains a mystery to many.

There are many areas in which the role of a lifestyle consultant and a personal trainer may intersect, especially in my own practice. However, the main difference is that while a personal trainer deals with their client’s physical fitness, the role of a lifestyle consultant is more holistic. We aim to address and improve the mental and spiritual wellbeing of our clients, as well as the physical. Where a personal trainer will usually only advise you on your diet and exercise regime, the lifestyle consultant will look to every area of their client’s lifestyle to help them live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

There are many different therapies and programmes that I utilise in my practice as a lifestyle consultant:

Stress Management

While engaging in regular physical exercise is an excellent way to deal with stress, and certainly one of the methods that I would prescribe as part of a lifestyle consultation, the reality is that most instances of stress begin in the mind. As a result, it is necessary to address the mental causes of this all too common affliction, in order to truly live a low-stress lifestyle. As a lifestyle consultant, our stress management programme focuses upon meditation, nutritional therapy and sessions on functional rest.

Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Hypnotherapy is the practice of inducing an altered state of consciousness which produces profound physical and mental relaxation. While hypnosis is commonly misrepresented and misconstrued in popular media, the reality is that it puts us into a state of bodily relaxation, while sharpening our minds. This allows for the beneficial suggestions that influence our subconscious mind to take greater precedence. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is often used in conjunction with hypnotherapy and focuses upon ridding the mind of negative thoughts.

Overall, the goal and benefit of the lifestyle consultant will remain the same regardless of the practices they utilise. The focus is always on helping you to address and improve all areas of the self; the physical, the mental and the spiritual, enabling you to be the best possible version of yourself and to put you on the path to true health.

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