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My Top Websites for Leading A Healthy Lifestyle

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The internet is a wonderful thing. It has completely transformed the way that we live and work; making us more connected and allowing access to an unparalleled wealth of information. The internet provides a great resource for the information necessary to change the way that we live our lives. As a lifestyle consultant and personal trainer, I have found that not only have I been able to incorporate knowledge I have gained online into my own practice, but it has also enabled me to refine the way I stay healthy in my own day to day life.

In the latest entry of my Fitness and Lifestyle Blog I share some of my personal favourite websites for keeping healthy and staying in shape.


Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver is known to television audiences throughout the world as one of the leading celebrity chefs, as well as one of the planet’s leading spokespeople for healthy eating. I have loved watching Jamie’s television shows ever since The Naked Chef aired back in 1999 and his website has maintained the same level of quality since its inception. The website features a fantastic range of recipe ideas, all of which are relatively healthy, and I know several personal trainers recommend it as a resource for clients who wish to eat healthy meals that are both delicious and reasonably priced.

Marks and Spencer Health
While M&S Food have become notorious in recent years for their suggestive television adverts, tempting us all to indulgent food options, their website contains a section for healthy recipes that is actually rather excellent. The website offers a whole host of healthy recipes and has whole sections dedicated to vegetarian and gluten-free recipes.


Fitness Magazine
Fitness magazine revolutionised the fitness scene in the States when it launched in 1992 and was heavily influential in getting more women interested in the internet, As a female personal trainer, this was a magazine which I always admired from afar. The wonders of the internet has meant that women from anywhere in the world now have access to this publications excellent fitness expertise, and their website is full of fantastic workout guides, video tutorials, healthy eating advice and a great ‘mind and body’ section.

Women Fitness
Women Fitness is one of the most comprehensive and reliable resources on female health and fitness anywhere, on the internet or otherwise. Not only does the website provide fantastic advice on healthy eating and exercise, but they also have sections devoted to beauty, pregnancy and fertility, general women’s health issues and meditation and yoga, with all of these sections jam packed with expert advice.


Beauty Bean
Beauty Bean is a great lifestyle website that has covered beauty, health and wellness since its inception in 2010. One aspect of the website that I am particularly fond of is the way its founder, Alexis Wolfer, is incredibly knowledgeable in how the food that we put into our bodies can have a serious effect on our outer beauty.

Goop is a lifestyle site and newsletter founded by Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow. The website features great articles and blogs on a huge array of topics including travel, food, arts, culture, fitness, nutrition, relationships and much more. My personal favourite is the ‘Be’ section which features content related to spirituality, mindfulness, self-discovery and even career and financial advice.