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Nutritional Powerhouse: Tinned Fish

Since last year, I’ve noticed a new product in the tinned fish aisle at the local supermarket – skinless, boneless sardines and mackerel! What a shocker… The nutritional value of these powerhouse tins is well documented; they’re packed with protein, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, B12 and selenium, all of which help the body to reduce inflammation, build and maintain our bones, and support the nervous system. 

Without the skin and bones, they are reduced in both the calcium and phosphorus necessary for our bone health. After a search around with producers, I understood that this new variety is meant to replace tinned tuna?! Rather odd, as tuna has a totally different taste and texture. To gain the optimum benefits from your tinned fish, choose the boned and skinned versions. Also, switch to those tinned in spring water if you want to lower calorie intake.