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Boost Your Immune System Now!

Now that we have emerged from lockdowns and are circulating a lot more freely than we have done since winter 2019, we are more susceptible to catch colds and flu. We haven’t been gathering together, due to being in lockdown the whole of last winter, and this will cause problems for our immune system because we don’t have the same resilience to the various bugs that we previously had.

I have already suffered a cold, the first since 2014 – nearly 7 years ago, after running around quite a lot without appropriate headgear and meeting many people while networking.  However, I was able to get my symptoms under control within 24 hours (see the protocol and lifestyle advice below that I carried out in order to make sure that all my symptoms were removed overnight!). Yes, it really works: overnight I removed headache, heavy nasal mucus drip, coughing, brain fog, and feeling very lethargic.

Luckily, I have a number of treatments and remedies at home, and I would suggest that you also get hold of the following to take you through winter and to deal with your symptoms if you get a cold, flu or suffer with the early signs of Covid 19.

If you are taking medication and would like further advice on how to implement immune support into your life, contact on

We can advise from our online clinic and make sure that you are prepared and have the correct information on how to proceed this winter to boost your immune system and take care of your family at the first signs of illness. 

Give it a try and stay safe, dear friends! 

Harvey’s Natural Cold / Flu Treatment – total relief in 24-48hrs

This advice can also be used for early Covid symptoms: try not to go out of your home unless necessary but, if you do, keep socially distanced from others to protect them and yourself.

Home environment

Disinfect your environment: wash floors and surfaces with any well-known brand of disinfectant. These do kill 99% of household germs.  

Disinfect your throat, especially if you have a dry or mucus cough: gargle with salt water or Listerine.

Disinfect the air with an oil burner using thyme, rosemary and pine needle, tea tree or peppermint essential oils.  Burn all day and evening until symptoms stop. I do not recommend the misting oil diffusers, due to information that came to light with regard to droplets holding bacteria in the air.

Keep your rooms well ventilated: although it may be cold, keep windows slightly open or use an air purifier to keep the air moving.


Hot drinks: ginger, lemon and honey or herbal teas; Yogi Tea Throat Comfort, or Alkaline Herbs are soothing options – I took a TCM herbal combination tea every five hours. If you need a caffeine fix, try Green or White tea, or Matcha, which have calming L-theanine as well as small amounts of caffeine.

Eat regular meals that are simple and easy to digest: no meat or dairy – you do not want to over-stress the gut or consume foods that are mucus-inducing. Instead, you can make a chicken or vegetable soup with plenty of garlic and onions.  

For Immune system support I took:

Probiotic and prebiotic – highest dosage you can find – I also ate artichokes which are a prebiotic.

If suffering from shivering and pain in the body or headache take 200mg of Ibuprofen every four – five hours

Vitamin D3 with K2

Vitamin C 1000mg x 3

Zinc Sulphate – 15mg x 3

Selenium 200mg x 2

Goldenseal 10 drops x 3


Steam inhalation: add a couple of the essential oils mentioned above or Tea Tree oil in a bowl, add hot water (not boiling), place your face over the bowl and a bath towel over your head and breathe in the hot steam for 15mins.

Hot bath: with essential oils and Epsom salts will have a similar effect.

Sauna: at least 20 – 25mins at 85°F/32°C, making sure you leave adequate time to cool down properly and that you are wrapped up, especially your head and throat, when you leave to travel home.


Brew two – three chamomile tea bags for at least six minutes or any other sleep combination tea bags you may have at home like lavender, oat hops and valerian herbs.  Drink this before you go to sleep at night; it will help you experience deep enough sleep enabling your body to repair and restore its health.

If you are producing a lot of mucus, do not sleep flat: try to prop yourself a little higher than usual so that you don’t choke or cough on high mucus drip from nose to mouth. As soon as symptoms ease, change bed linen and wash at 60°C to ensure all virus particles are killed.

Get out on a walk in fresh air to activate your lungs and muscles, particularly if you’ve been resting at home more than usual.