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A Mindful Merry Christmas – Navigating Holiday Stress

Christmas is a time of joy but for many of us, Christmas can also be a time of stress and unhappiness. By identifying holiday pressure points, you can use some easy techniques to navigate Christmas stress. 

Holiday Pressure Points

  • Weight of Expectations – there’s a lot of pressure for Christmas to be perfect, magical, unforgettable. If you’re in charge of food or decorations or any gifts, the quest for perfection can cause anxiety and stress.

  • Unresolved Conflict – interactions with family and friends throughout the year and life often involve unaired feelings and suppressed resentment. Holidays can be fertile ground for arguments about small things which are actually arguments about much bigger things that happened a long time ago which no one wants to speak about.

  • Mourning – Christmas is a time when we can feel pain for absent loved ones. We grieve for those who have passed or for lost relationships and friendships.

Do’s & Don’ts For A Merry Mindful Christmas 


  • Meditate – we recommend you meditate in the morning before greeting everyone. If the atmosphere is tense or overwhelming during the day, take a few minutes to mini meditate and breathe deeply for 5 minutes.

  • Be kind – often we don’t treat our loved ones with the kindness and politeness we give to strangers, so remember to be kind to your loved ones.

  • Have a nap – sometimes a short nap is what you need to recharge and face difficult guests.

  • Go for a walk – this will be a welcome break from indoors and help digestion, circulation, and release endorphins.

  • Gratitude – show gratitude for those you are with and the food and gifts you all share on Christmas Day. You can do this by saying a gratitude prayer aloud with loved ones or to yourself.


  • Expect perfection from others and don’t try to be perfect.

  • Be a doormat and let others be unkind to you.

  • Put on a brave face and play a role – are you the family clown or the strong one in your family? Christmas isn’t a film where you’ll get an Oscar for method acting your allocated role. Don’t bury your emotions and struggle alone. Be honest about how you’re feeling but also be open to having joyful moments throughout the day.

  • If there are any pets present, give them some love and attention. It’ll be good for you too.

Wishing You A Mindful Merry Christmas!