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Autmn glow . . .

Difficult as it may be to believe, another summer bites the dust and we’re in one of my best seasons of the year – autumn. I love the coolness after months of heat management and the general buzz that comes with September … it must be the back-to-school vibe of getting down to serious business that clears the air.

If you are one those people who suffers from post-summer blues, struggling to come to terms with the lack of holiday before Christmas, make plans now to give yourself a little break before the end of the year – you will have something to look forward to and ease the pressure of settling back into work.

Although we no longer really celebrate harvest time (Halloween and Bonfire night don’t quite cut it like Thanksgiving in the US), it is probably the best time of the year to enjoy quality food. Don’t be tempted to eat the same old summer salads and fruit in supermarkets that are well pass their best, many local shops will be overflowing with new season vegetables offering optimum nourishment.

Get hold of some of these goodies: figs, pears, turnips, swedes, parsnips, Brussels sprouts, onions, garlic, walnuts, chestnuts, sweet potatoes, apples and pumpkins. These foods are high in anti-oxidants, fibre, good fats and help fight infections and bacteria.

And talking of infections, we’re about to go into what could be a protracted cold period. As temperatures drop, we’re likely to get caught out wearing too little clothing, so it’s time to dig out some protection for your neck and hands if you don’t want to fall foul of an early cold.

Feeling lean and slinky after the summer sun? Then start building an exercise programme to take you through the next six months to keep it. Like all mammals, autumn is time to lay down fat, and a balanced fitness programme is essential to controlling body fat, aiding your circulation and keeping warm in winter!

News: Due to popular demand, I’ve now found a way to clone myself and be in more than one space at a time – not! Actually, I’ve managed to arrange my very own telephone health advice line where I’ll answer your health, fitness and lifestyle queries! We’re going live in October – dial 0905 248 4211* for a consultation in your home, office or on holiday.

Beginners’ Meditation and Ma’At stretching classes are due to start up again in September so get in touch if you want to secure a place.

Click on a class to download an information PDF.

Next time, I’ll have more stories from working at Il Borro – sunny Italy awaits…

*£1.10/min from a BT landline; calls from mobiles and other networks may vary. 18+.