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Final cold snap . . .

Well it had to happen – we were having far too much of a good time to get away with not getting a bite from winter. Though I must admit the sub zero temperatures have been pure pleasure – walking in the freezing yet bright sunshine has been incredibly stimulating. The cold is brilliant at getting us to appreciate the warmth of our offices, nourishing hot food and the cosiness of home, safe from the chill. Our last reminder to look inwards before the speed of spring jumps out at us …

Jacqueline Harvey at the Pelham Hotel

The Pelham Hotel & The Gore – Your Health Is Your Wealth

January moved so quickly I hardly had a moment to tell you about the launch of the Your Health is Your Wealth package at The Pelham Hotel – one of our new partners in South Kensington! This is a weekend health deal including an overnight stay in the luxurious rooms at these hotels – if you want a chic yet health-focused city break, take a look at The deal is available throughout 2012.

Marathon Training Tips

For those of you thinking of running the London marathon, you should have started training last year and only have 3 months to get faster and complete at least one long run of 18 – 20 miles. At the beginning of February, YSC invited me to present a two-hour lecture on my pet subject, which was such fun – I’m sure the participants running the Edinburgh marathon in May won’t need it but I wish them all the best of luck!

Chinese Year of the Water Dragon

I’m not sure about you guys, but I felt glad to see the back of 2011 – Pisces/Rabbit did not feel great, although it revealed a lot of sometimes shocking secrets!

2012 marks a new 12-year planetary cycle – we’re in a universal spring, where we can let go of baggage and move forward fairly swiftly with a fresh start. What do you want your life to be like for the next 12 years – plan it now and get moving. The Dragon/Aries energy waits for no one …

Boost Your Energy for spring!

Mid-February is a good time to kick-start your health regime; lose the winter fat and generally get moving. If you leave it until summer to achieve your bikini body – you’ll end up trying one of those stupid starvation diets, which are far from healthy and actually painful! Give yourself a peaceful chance to get fit with an early start – see contact details below.

To successfully change your body you really need to activate your discipline and willpower buttons to keep focused on your goal, whatever life throws up. In fact, take it for granted that chaos reigns and then plan to work around it and you’ll be well prepared. Flexibility is key to keeping you on course – if you can’t work out one day, it’s not the end of the world, another day will do … but don’t give up your programme for the whole week!

See you next month!