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Happy New year . . .

If you want to get fit – this is definitely the year to get on track!

The start of a year is always a very exciting time for many reasons, but more so in 2012 – we’re officially in Olympic Year. I can’t wait to see the events and competitions right on my doorstep, here in London! Never before will Londoners have so much inspiration and support to get fit and healthy before elite athletes from around the world hit our town – media pressure is already pretty intense and I dare say will only increase. If only this attention on our health could stay with us to help reduce our high levels of obesity and all its health-related illnesses …

Getting Started

Many of you have made resolutions to get fit but have little idea of how to get started – your local council website will have a range of aerobic, strength and stretching classes available – you can try a session to see if like it at a very little cost before investing precious funds.

Also, the Internet has a large volume of training material, both visual and audio, where you can learn the hows and whys of fitness and basic nutrition – you’ll need both of these to change your body.

And finally, there are fitness professionals such a myself who can help clients to achieve their fitness, aesthetic and health goals by offering a bespoke service, focused on results.

I’m also fortunate enough to work with a gifted team of personal fitness trainers, hypnotherapists, neurolinguistic programmers and nutritional therapists, who can help you remain on target and change bad habits (such as smoking!). Or if you want to find out what 2012 personally has in store for you astrologically, I cannot recommend Lada Ducheva highly enough. Drop me a line at if you need further information or to book a consultation.

Training Tips

I’ll repeat it again this year – now is not the time to diet, no matter how much pressure the media puts on you. Simply return to a healthy diet after the Christmas period of eating excesses, and cut out alcohol.

In winter, our body needs healthy fat stores to keep warm and to boost our immune system – stress through dieting will only leave us more vulnerable to viruses and mentally miserable. If you want to strip fat, start late February, in spring, when the weather starts to warm up and our body is better disposed towards this.

Now is a good time to eat healthy food and clear out processed high fat and high sugar foods from your diet. You can still work out but don’t push it too hard if you’re not used to it – getting injured is not a great way to move into spring and can be very depressing.

January Sale!

15% discount on hypnotherapy, nutritional and NLP sessions.

Last month I mentioned the Ultimate Cardio Sculpt class – these sessions start on Saturday 28th January at 10am.

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And finally …

I don’t know about you but 2011 seemed to steam by and pass away in a puff of smoke – thank goodness, given how challenging it was! I had a great time with family and friends over the Christmas break – we had the joyful news of a new baby due in the summer from my youngest sister; Mum is rather chuffed to have grandchild number nine on the way J

See you next month!