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Spiritual High Way – 2013 Year of the Snake

Big changes this weekend as we launch into the Chinese Year of the Snake (Taurus is the western equivalent.) Some of you may already be experiencing the shift in flow from speed to a more comfortable and stable pace – the only but and it’s a really big one is that the universe is about to plunge us into the depths of the sea when 6 heavenly bodies move into the sign of Pisces by March the 11th; and by the end of next week, 4 planets will already be in position. Since the messenger of the gods moved into Pisces last week my world has become very interesting indeed…

What does this all mean?

We’ll your intuition and gut reactions will become incredibly strong – for Water and Earth signs this is great news but sadly for Fire and Air this could prove to be a very confusing time, when you feel slightly off key. This is a time of revelations and eureka moments – you will gain insight into past, present and future situations that have affected your mind, body and soul, if you remain open to seeing or viewing your life a bit differently.

This pattern of water will culminate over the summer (key date 17th July for a few days) when all the water signs will form a Grand Trine or triangle in the sky to make sure we connect with the love vibration of the Source.


What can you do with this energy?

This is a great time for anyone working in the creative fields – artist, writers, actors, singers, agents, the internet etc. If fact any activity that comes from the highest expressions of ourselves will thrive – when water is poured onto the earth, growth is the result – plant seeds and see how they fair…


Downside to excessive Water element

At this time we will all become more prone to addiction and intoxication due to an increased ability to feel more; we will need to work constructively with our emotions.

Water needs a container to thrive or it simply, spills everywhere and dissipates. I strongly advise creating some good habits and taking care of yourself and others in a positive way.  Cut down on all indulgencies – you know what I’m talking about; anything we use as a crutch now could this year could get really out of control. Likewise, keeping a cool head in the midst of such strong emotionally charged energy can become a bit of a challenge.


I welcome the Snake, it’s time to shake things up a bit after of the heat of the Dragon – the heavens are singing and dancing, asking us to spread the love.