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Walking in Light …

I had such a funny experience this morning; I had to share it with you all. One of the questions I’m generally asked by people wanting to know about meditation is why do you meditate? And 20 years down the line, I think my experience this morning partly answers this.  

Many spiritual adepts may spout on about the bliss, peace, beauty etc, which to be fair I could do also here, especially as this morning at 6.30am the energy was particularly wonderful. It was particularly high and so intense; I thought to myself, better slow down all day to hear what the universe wants to reveal and as usual I really did not want to leave this transcendental space.

Getting dressed for the gym for a little run, I thought about packing my kit and a voice advised to shower back at home.  Ok, I thought it must be because I need to dress appropriately for a meeting later and gym really can’t hack it when you need to look fly!

Anyway, got to the gym without shower equipment and I was presented with a notice on the front door – ‘6.20am, 6th Feb. Apologies Dear Members, there is no hot water, the boiler has packed up!’ I burst out laughing – bless the reception staff who were not braced for such an odd response to bad news – I guess after all these years they must put it down to my usual yet slightly eccentric behaviour.

But this is where I’m at with meditation and indeed all spiritual practice – it has got to be of everyday practical use because the world out there is fairly chaotic and I need my day to run smoothly. And furthermore, no amount of projecting peace, love and truth can necessarily not stop this outside the turbulence – all I can do is control my response to it. In my world, this is the meaning of spiritual flow; the path of least resistance to dodge the mess or bullets in some cases. It is good to slow down, listen and clear the mind to lock into our bigger picture.

Try it some time – you never know where meditation will take you!