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Spring into action . . .

I’m just back from the desert heat of Dubai, where the hazy sunshine dried out my damp winter bones and turned my skin a lovely dark chocolate hue – as a friend once remarked, ‘you look like you’ve been totally air-brushed … ’ .

March really stamps spring on the map, but so far it has been terribly cold which has not exactly encouraged us to slow down our eating of high-calorie food. I think the major trick here is to let your mind rule a bit and persevere – you really need to start getting your body used to the idea of letting go of the body fat it stored for winter. Here are a couple of tips to nudge that process forward:

  • Reduce your calorie intake by as little as 200 to see a change in your weight – it’s only one latte or a couple of biscuits a day!
  • Replace sugary cakes and biscuits with fresh fruit or 70% coco chocolate – two squares only, not the whole bar in one meal, is fine and kills sugar cravings
  • Lay off the booze – a big sugar hit that piles on weight, especially in women
  • Start to eat a wider variety of protein – eggs, fish, tofu, lentils, chicken and turkey are all good, but cut down on red meat. For women, two pieces a week is fine to keep iron stores healthy.
  • Continue to increase your vegetable intake and introduce a few salads if you’re particularly hot-blooded.

Exercise-wise, spring, like autumn, is a peak time for movement – if you managed to keep up your workouts, well done! You can now increase the speed and intensity of your sessions – either run faster or start an interval hill programme to help you reduce body fat and increase fitness levels.

Those of you still trying to shake the winter blues – get started now! You still have time to get in shape before the summer but you’ll need to focus on it and keep motivated, so a personal trainer, fitness DVD or classes may help.

New Class Alert

Crystal Clear Health has a new offering this month, in Covent Garden. I’m really looking forward to teaching classes again – I can’t tell you the amount of fun, friends and knowledge I got the first time around, back in the day … it’s going to be an amazing experience.

Ma’At – mind-body stretching

Sign up for a class in a BRAND NEW mind-body stretching system which will be taking place on 24th March 2011 at 6.30pm at INC Space. Please click on the link below for all the info. Email to book as places are limited.

Ma’at class invitation from Crystal Clear Health PDF

… and finally, I’ve been spring-cleaning – throwing out stuff that is either old (I kept the boyfriend), ugly or not befitting the new emerging energy … big changes ahead. Only playing old school reggae – UB40 or soul music like Kleer seems to keeps things light; with a bit of luck, the sun will arrive to stay soon.

See you next time