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Get Ready For 2024 – Plan Your Wellness Season By Season!

Ahead of the Christmas 2023 rush and festive period, think ahead to your new year’s resolutions and start setting goals for 2024 by planning your wellbeing season by season.

My new book Body Cycles is an essential year-long guide to better health. Every season in nature is different, so it is with our bodies. In line with seasonal rhythms, we have different needs and energy levels throughout the year. Understanding the interplay between our body cycles and nature’s cycles is a superpower which helps us optimise health, reduce stress, and maximise energy.

Body Cycles is a fantastic tool for your wellness year. Body Cycles is also a perfect Christmas gift idea! Don’t you hate knowing your Christmas present has been recycled? Avoid that this year and give Body Cycles, a top Christmas gift book for everyone in the family, the gift that will keep giving all through 2024! It has fitness tips, nutrition tips, information on weight loss, advice to build muscles strength and flexibility. Wrap it up or stick it in a Xmas stocking!

Body Cycles is available at Waterstones, Foyles, and Amazon.