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Happiness and Fulfilment Through Purpose

Sometimes being happy and feeling fulfilled can take a little time…  My experience with clients has often shown there is a strong connection to finding your life purpose, and creating the life or environment you want to live in. Finding your purpose increases your sense of happiness and wellbeing.

The goal for our life is find and align yourself to your highest purpose which helps us to manifest more easily and without too much struggle; it is like an energy flow that becomes more fluid. You gain a sense of peace, happiness and fulfilment just doing what you do for the sake of it simply because you are aligned with your life purpose.

How can you find your life purpose? There are big and small ways. You can do the following things to explore your purpose: 

  • Meditate – you have to be still to communicate and connect with higher self. Regular connection with your higher self will steer you towards your purpose and guide you away from activities which are polar opposites of your divine purpose for this lifetime.

  • Gratitude – express gratitude for who you are in the present, and for all that has happened in the past for you to be here today with the knowledge of self and life that you have. We can and should also be grateful for simple things like waking up every day, feeling the sun on our skin, being able to laugh or smile, or see, or hear, or read. Practice gratitude daily.

  • Nature – go outside and enjoy the natural world. Notice other creatures sharing this planet. We are all alive together experiencing this time now. None of us are alone.

  •  Be kind and patient with yourself. It amazes me how so many people are kind to others and mean or neglectful of themselves. You are also a person deserving of kindness and consideration and the first person who should be thoughtful and respectful to you, is you!

To find out more about your Divine potential book an Astral Coaching Session to gain insight and create a plan based around who you want to be now and in the future.