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Healthy Breakfast Routine

Breakfast and weight loss

While a lot of people don’t eat breakfast first thing in the morning but, if you want to lose weight this is not a great way to start as it encourages you to over-eat later in the day.  When the body is starving your will to make healthy choices is diminished and you will find yourself mindlessly eating high-fat or high-sugar alternatives.  Our bodies are not designed to run on ‘empty’ or to survive on junk foods. It is important to eat the best quality breakfast calories you can by avoiding high fat pastries, high sugar processed cereals and muffins.

Eating two to three main meals a day with a couple of snacks stabilizes blood sugar levels and helps to burn more calories throughout the day. 

However, for those who are Type 2 diabetics or obese research has shown that not eating breakfast can actually be helpful in controlling high blood sugar levels. 

Healthy Breakfast tips:

·      Drinking room temperature warm water with lemon juice first thing in the morning is the best way to hydrate your body, helping to balance ph levels and reducing inflammation.  Other options such as tea or a little coffee early in the day won’t do any harm as a caffeinated pick me up but only after water.

·      Left over dinner for breakfast is an excellent option – especially if you are short of time.

·      Good sources of protein, fibre and starchy foods include: eggs, granola, fresh fruit, berries, melons, apples, onions, mushrooms, peppers, nuts & seeds; all have high levels of vitamins and minerals.

·      Remember, if you have a good meal in the morning, you should reduce the size of your lunch – if you eat one at all – but a light snack may be more appropriate followed by a small supper.

·      If you love smoothies, better to make them yourself – you can add a nutritious source of protein, berries and healthy fat such as olive, linseed or hemp seed oils that will fill you up and provide energy for a busy day.

For most of us eating a nutritious breakfast will give you an excellent start to the day!