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Summer Holiday Tips

With the holiday season about to kick in over the next couple of weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to take a recent break to Greece – I managed to reset my body clock from poor eating habits and lifestyle habits. This may sound funny to those of you who image that I’m saintly in all matters relating to health, but living in London with a hectic job is enough to test a nun! I’m sure my allergies and food intolerances only exist to keep my habits in check…

Below are my tips for hot weather fun:

·       No processed foods – eating fresh, unprocessed, simple foods really aids gut function – the look of my skin, hair and nails all changed; they grew at an incredible rate.

·       Eat a variety of freshly cooked vegetables and salads – although we have some of the best food in world in the UK, like so many people, I get into the habit of eating the same foods too often because I’m short of time. On holiday eating a variety of raw and cooked vegetables ensures a balance of vitamins and minerals without having to rely on supplements.

·       Sugar from fruits – sugar cravings tend to completely disappear once I’m eating two course meals. Usually, I would share a dessert but a slice of watermelon or strip of chewing gum at the end of a meal was enough.

·       Good fats – Lots of high quality olive oil not only helps to keep our bowels regular but nourishes skin and assists the removal of harmful fats from arteries.

·       Drink lots of water – A 30-degree plus temperature with low humidity is not bliss for many: for me its heaven! I could drink as much water as I wanted without feeling cold or rushing to the bathroom every hour.

·       Swim in the sea and walk barefoot on the earth – outdoor swimmers swear by submerging in water to wash away stress and anxiety. And while I took a few dips in the sea, there is nothing like walking barefoot along the beach or on grass. It’s a wonderful feeling to connect with the earth and liberate my feet from shoes and socks. These sensory experiences are important for helping busy urbanites to connect back to nature.

·       Not too much sun – even with my dark skin, I use sun protection everyday and had a couple of days in the shade. By all means get your vitamin D but remember excessive heat and the sun’s harsh rays will damage your skin…