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A Mindful Merry Christmas – Conserve & Boost Your Spiritual Energy For Christmas

Christmas is a joyful time and often a welcome break from work but it can also be a spiritually and energetically draining time. At Christmas, we sometimes find ourselves interacting with difficult people which brings the buried resentments and emotional struggles of toxic relationships to the surface. 

The end of the year can be a time for reflection and many of us realise we’re not where we wanted to be. This realisation can be challenging in competitive family and social groups where others boast of their successes, and knowingly or unknowingly look down on you. Sometimes your loved ones are genuinely proud of achievements they’ve worked hard for and you should celebrate with them. Don’t be bitter or take their success as evidence of your failure. Talk to them and show a genuine interest – you might pick up some helpful tips for your own projects and life journey. 

There are simple ways to boost your spiritual energy to get the best out of the holiday season, no matter who you’re spending the time with:

  • Meditation – we recommend you meditate in the morning before greeting everyone. If relations are particularly strained take short breaks away from everyone during the day to mini meditate and breathe deeply for 5-10 minutes.

  • Christmas affirmations – prepare some affirmations and say them out loud to yourself after meditating on Christmas morning. For an extra boost, repeat the affirmations with your mini meditations.

  • Breathe – if you’re spending time with one or more difficult people and conversations are battlegrounds, breathe deeply before replying. You can conserve your own energy by not getting into unnecessary arguments but if you have to engage do so as calmly and respectfully as you can.

  • Acceptance – accept people as they are. Aunty or Uncle or Cousin so-and-so is vile, so be it. You’re not going to change their entire personality in one day so just let them be.

  • Have a nap – sometimes a short nap is what you need to recharge and face difficult guests.

  • Patience – be patient with yourself and others.

  • Plan an exit route – if your family holidays are legendary for their toxic battles of wills but you have to be there, make plans to escape early. We won’t tell!


Wishing You A Mindful Merry Christmas!