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Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey

Happy New Year! I’m so glad we’ve left the watery energy of the Sheep and can welcome in the more upbeat vibration of the Fire Monkey. I attended a great talk by the Feng Shui expert Jan Cisek on all the ways we can support and stimulate this energy in our homes and lives. (

Both Chinese and Western astrologers have been talking about the positive attributes of the Monkey, and here I will take this opportunity to alert you to some of the negative aspects I’ve observed … the fast-paced Monkey can cause errors of judgement, instability and we may even suffer unforeseen changes in direction.

Although, I believe change only adds texture to our lives, good and bad, I’ve felt compelled to qualify all the positive changes this year with a word of caution – not only is there a huge potential for burn-out with doing too much but because the number ‘16’ symbolises ‘The Tower’ in the tarot deck! 

For those of you unfamiliar with the esoteric sciences, the number 16/Tower card in the Tarot deck represents a spiritual energy, which, unmanaged, can result in losses, (especially if our decisions are based on ego) and cause chaos, and confusion … 

In 2016 we’ll need to be even more self-aware and slow down our decision-making processes so that the appropriate checks can be made and we will need to look at the values that are the base of these decisions – are they coming from a good place?  

Health is another important feature of this energy – this has been not been discussed much in esoteric terms for this year yet. In terms of numerology, if you 1+6 =7 and in my experience seven-energy people tend to have health issues that require attention – I should know, I have several sevens! So, this could well be the year when those who have been riding high on their egos with regard to their health – you might get a bit of a wake up call and may, in fact, experience a fall similar to those pictured on the Tower card. 

It’s not all doom and gloom though, because this ‘16’ energy can break through all the crap in our every day lives, to create major progress and positive change. This year, if we hold our nerve, keep our head and heart clear, we could have an opportunity for growth not only on all levels of our consciousness but on the physical plane too. 

Love & Light

2016 is a year of growth on a couple of projects I’ve been working on for a number of years – I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been asked by Nelson’s Rescue Remedy have me as their expert all year! 

Rescue Remedy is a brand that has been on my radar at least 15 years – their products have been helpful to many of my friends and clients during this time; it’s a great privilege to work with a natural product I respect. 

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