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Fitness for spring

The sun is finally shining and the snow melting… just about in the UK!!! And all those thick warming winter clothes are about to go into the closet. With spring knocking on our doors, it is the perfect time to revisit our fitness goals, get motivated and embrace the outdoors!

Here are some tips:

·       Book a Race: It is the time to dust off your running shoes and train for a race – there are many charitable organisations you can book to run or walk a decent distance over the spring months. Adding this positive goal to your fitness routine will make you feel better, help others and also give a purpose to your training other than losing weight or fitting into those skinny jeans.

·       Set goals, but realistic ones: If you make workout plans that are too difficult for you to complete, it will only leave you frustrated and de-motivated. So start slow, and then increase in steps, little by little depending on your body type and routine

·       Stay Hydrated: Water, vegetable juices and more water! Make sure you drink a lot of water to replace the fluids lost during vigorous workouts, which may lead to cramps and fatigue.

·       Plan a trip: The weather now allows you to take a ‘Fitness vacation,’ where you can hike, bike or simply opt for some retreat yoga sessions.

·       Physical Activity: Don’t just leave your fitness sessions solely to gym sessions; you can tone up your body by doing regular routines, whether it is cleaning the house, walking the dog or simply walking outdoors. These activities help to strengthen and prepare your body for more intense workouts and increase your energy levels generally.

·       Exercise indoors: Early spring can still be too harsh to step out, with the pouring rains and slippery grounds. But don’t let that deter your fitness goals. Exercise DVD’s can come to your rescue and help you achieve your aim without burning a hole in your pocket.

·       Family time:  A nice reminder that healthy habits begin at home. With warmer days on the way, now is the perfect time to get the family together and head outdoors. Not only will you be spending valuable time together, you’ll also be teaching your kids that an active life is a good one.

·       Update your workout wardrobe: Throw away the worn out cotton work out duds and replace them with tanks, shorts and tees in breathable, wick fabrics.

·       Stretch out: One of the best ways to prevent injuries is by stretching out. Joining yoga, Pilates or dance classes are also a great way to adapt flexibility.

Bye for now – have a great week!