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How to Cope With the Clocks Changing

Every year there is a movement to stop the clocks going back, but for now in the UK the changing of the clocks is here to stay.

We are not machines and the effect on our bodies can be disruptive and a shock to the system. This sudden change disturbs our sleep/wake circadian rhythm and it can take a while to adjust.

Our routine stays the same but our melatonin levels take a while to catch up with the early sunset. Plus it’s pretty depressing looking out the window at 4pm and it’s already dark!

You can help your body gently ease into the new rhythm by eating at the time you would have eaten before, an hour earlier, and going to go bed earlier, in line with the old time, and gradually adjusting.

Don’t panic if you are waking up early, as you can use this time to meditate, chant, do some deep breathing exercises, yoga, stretching or even start on your emails. For larks this can actually be an advantage!