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Art & Nature Series: Emily a

Emily Carr’s living, moving paintings are infused with such joy and love for the land she depicts. Her location on the Pacific west coast of Canada captures an image of the underrepresented indigenous cultural monuments and art of the first people, who she practically lived with and was given the nickname ‘The Laughing One’.

Emily Carr
Young and Old Trees (1935)

Carr was not financially successful as an artist for much of her career, leading her to create resourceful processes, whereby she would mix petrol with her oil paints to thin them out and use cheap manila paper. The feathery brushstrokes and light mixing of land, water, and sky – this technique births distinct movement within her paintings as if the viewer is seeing, hearing and feeling the breeze through the trees. Her reverence for her subjects can be clearly seen, unflinching through any trial she faced or adverse circumstance.


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