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Art & Nature Series: Claude Monet

Claude Monet’s magnificent Water Lilies series (1914 – 1926) are some of his most famous works as Monet repeatedly depicts his beloved garden which he treated as a work of art alone, calling it his “finest masterpiece.” Working in the Impressionist style, Monet focuses on the experiential feeling and optical pleasure of nature with colourful juxtapositions and painterly brushwork. As Monet captures the surface of his pond, the lilies are the main indicator that we are looking at a reflection, as the clouds and trees mingle with the flowers in the water.

Claude Monet
The Water Lilies (1914 – 1926)

The Water Lilies opened the door into abstraction. Monet and his peers were the first to challenge the conventions of Parisian art and influenced the way in which painting, and art developed. His later work, towards the end of his life became increasingly abstract as he began to even further remove unessential elements, simplifying his compositions and focusing on vivid colour.


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