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Breathing Techniques for Stress Relief

Under the new government guidelines for self-isolation and the current pandemic of Coronavirus, it can be easier to become more stressed and anxious in our daily lives.

Anxiety and stress can shorten our breathing pattern, and make it feel like the mind is racing with worry. This shortness in breath can disrupt the amount of oxygen the body is receiving. In these cases, deep breathing techniques can help relax both the body and mind.

Oxygen acts as a fuel for our bodies and our brain, so it is important to keep our lungs healthy, especially in the current virus crisis. Remember, the nature of this virus is that it creates a thick mucus that blocks and obstructs the airways in the lung, so it is important to keep our lungs healthy.

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Practising deep breathing every day will help to increase the amount of lung capacity you are using and help to oxygenate the blood.

  • Oxygen regulates the metabolic process in our bodies. It enables the brain to process more information.

  • Our lungs take in oxygen through a process call oxidation, which burns food, releases energy and eliminates the carbon dioxide produced.

  • Oxygen helps to destroy the harmful bacteria in our bodies without removing the good bacteria.

The best type of breathing technique is to use your diaphragm – the muscle that sits at the base of the chest – especially when feeling anxious or stressed. It helps to release tension, clear the mind and oxygenate the brain, muscles and body.

Here’s a deep breathing technique to try:

  • Breath in through the nose and the mouth to fill the stomach area with air

  • Slowly exhale, releasing the air as the stomach reduces

  • Repeat this process

If you are unable to practice this deep breathing technique, then exercise is another way to improve your lung health, and also acts as a way to relieve stress and anxiety. The activity increases the oxygen requirement in the body, and over time enables the body to work more effectively.

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